Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook!!!

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ive deeper into the secrets of Adventure Time with this mysterious mash-up of The Enchiridion (the ancient book for heroes, as featured in several key episodes of the series) and Marceline the Vampire Queen’s childhood diary.

It’s like having two books in one . . .  because it is two books in one! Don’t believe it? Just peek under the dust jacket! When you’ve finished reading The Enchiridion, flip the book over and dig in to Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook!!! Or vice versa! It’s your call where to start. We’d suggest you read The Enchiridion first, but why listen to us?

All-new, gorgeous, hilarious, and grotesque illustrations? Ancient wizard lore, spells, curses, and jokes? Scribbles from and souvenirs of a cute demon girl growing up? Goofball commentary by Finn, Jake, Marceline, and the Ice King? Check, check, check, check please!

From the same creative team behind the New York Times bestselling Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, this in-world compendium of all things Oooian is a humor-, paradox-, and literary contrivance-filled tome true to the imagination, innovation, and heart of Adventure Time.

It’s the perfect gift for any fan of the series.

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Innovative solutions against hair loss from REKZE Laboratories

Hair loss is one of the serious problems that make the hair becomes thinner and problematic. To cope with hair loss should also be appropriate, because otherwise the hair will increasingly damaged. In addition, hair care is the most important way to be more healthy and beautiful hair. Hair is the crown of the most important female role. Have beautiful hair, beautiful and shiny is the dream of every woman. However, damage to the hair can actually worsen a person’s appearance.

Everyone must have experienced hair loss. Is something that is normal to lose 100 hairs per day. But if excessive, sometimes there are medical reasons that cause hair loss.

There are so many factors that cause hair loss, ranging from hormonal changes, nutritional intake of protein, emotional trauma, stress, and other medical conditions. Indispensable examination the doctor to know the exact cause of hair loss.

Male pattern hair loss is known by the medical term ‘androgenetic alopecia’. This loss occurs because the hair roots that are too sensitive to one type of testosterone is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The high DHT makes hair becomes thinner and faster loss of roots. Hair loss in men is usually patterned.

While the pattern of female hair loss is usually only thinning on the top of the head. Hair loss in women is generally associated with hormonal changes like menopause, pregnancy and use of hormonal contraceptives.

Nothing wrong if the hair is regarded as a crown for a person, because he is very influential on the appearance. The fall of each strand of hair will certainly make appearances look bad.

Hair loss is generally part of the body’s natural reaction because of aging so it does not harm your health. Therefore, this disorder rarely require medical treatment. But if the loss reached alarming levels you should use the hair loss shampoo

REKZE hair loss shampoo is a shampoo specially formulated for hair loss that is mild or severe hair loss. There are several products owned this REKZE, including 63 Shampoo, Conditioner 43, 24 and 28 Wipes Serum. Benefits REKZE Hair loss shampoo is for hair loss, prevent hair bald, helps eliminate dandruff, tackle oily hair, dry hair repair and branching, and accelerate hair growth naturally.


Tips for Filming a Live Music Performance

Filming a live music performance can be a wonderful break for an aspiring cameraman. Even if the band is up and coming, if the video is seamless and interesting it may generate some buzz. Filming a live music performance can be an exhilarating experience, as well, particularly if you like the band and want to show them in the best light. The following tips can help you to create a great concert video.

  1. Use More Than One Camera

Three cameras or more are ideal for filming a live music event. One camera should be placed on a tripod directly at center stage with a long shot over the audience. The other cameras should be placed on the fringes of the stage, as close as possible without entering into the view of the long shot camera. The cameras on the side lines should be kept as steady as possible but have the ability to capture different angles.

  1. Bring Plenty of Batteries and Plugs

Using plugs is ideal for a concert, because batteries may die and be difficult to change in the middle of filming. However, it may not be possible to plug in, depending on the set-up of the venue. If you must use batteries, you may be able to switch views for the times when you are changing batteries and still edit out kinks to get a seamless video.

  1. Use Flashlights to Check on Equipment

Live music performances are invariably dark, so you will need flashlights to check on the equipment and make adjustments as necessary. Even if you are using a video camera monitor, the light may not be bright enough to illuminate your equipment, which could cause problems if things aren’t set up correctly or if adjustments need to be made. High quality flashlights can help you make sure everything is exactly the way you want it.

  1. Try to Record Sound from the House Board

Show up before the concert starts and try to work with the staff to tap into the house board. If you can record in this way, you can rest assured that you will have clear sound. You can play with it as you desire after that, adding in some of the audience reactions from the cameras. If you can’t record from the house board, try to position a few microphones close to the stage and isolate sounds to be edited later.

  1. Get Creative with Your Filming

While filming from the sides, get a little creative. Shoot some film of the audience, capture unique close-ups of the instruments or props. Being creative will give you more to work with when editing and will make for a more interesting finished product.

  1. Edit Until It Is Perfect

Having multiple recordings to splice together will allow you to bring the best sound forward and generate a piece that is unique even from what each member of the audience saw. You had eyes in different places, so you have the power to make that into something different that will introduce viewers to a new perspective. Play with the editing and try many different approaches until you love the finished product.


How to Buy Art, Tips and Tricks

– Find.Appear on the web, there are numerous systems that are online. Visit with artwork areas or galleries. Discuss with. Taking a look at artwork repeatedly can help you to find out that which you enjoy.

– have you got monetary room to invest cash on artwork? Simply how much have you been prepared and capable to spend?

– should you not need the savings, can there be another thing you are able to deal using one’s choice’s performer?You could restore her vehicle or assist him with a few book keeping, assist deploy an exhibit, consider skilled images of the works or exchange products you create.

– Purchasing directly in the performer truly provides you with the value of your cash.You avoid spending a dealer.

– Request the artist to exhibit a number of his items that could be in his approach to you.In the event you discover anything of one’s preference the advantage is shared: the performer increases room in his business using the understanding that somebody appreciates his function and you’ll contain it in a very aggressive cost.

– Advise when payment is accepted by the performer by payments.Many designers and this can accept. Their function comes, someone enjoys it enough to purchase it plus cash is received by them.

– Check second-hand out stores to be able to fall across a work when you discover anything and you like, get it instantly.

– Visit the location where you plan to use the art work you are looking to purchase. Visualizing canvas prints or other paintings in your home allows you to discover what kind of art you like.

– organize a discount cost in the event and Request a common performer if you’re able to rent a bit of artwork briefly you prefer to maintain it.

– Request an artist to create anything on task to get an unique spot or for your own style.

– Request cash for the birthday, wedding or wedding allow one to purchase artwork.They’ll be reassured you’ll change their money should you inform people about your strategy.

You may be the first ever to observe his/her function that is new, you have access to perhaps and a discount he or she will show anything on the special day to you.

– Buy from a artist. That’s (unfortunately for me personally) cheaper than purchasing from the guy. This does imply you’ll improve benefit for that same cost.

– Last although not least purchase something which truly touches you. This may not function as the most available function, however the check of occasion may remain wonderfully.


The Great reasons for having Its Own Distinction and Fabric Printing to Material Painting

Haven’t you see our engineering nowadays changing and is fast-growing? Particularly to supplies, you will find plenty of modifications from gear in publishing company. They are able to actually produce today right into a fabric. You read it right. Today, it’s feasible to printing right into a fabric. They state that fabric publishing is fantastic for providing them with additional benefit and reproducing a variety of picture kinds.

Because of the development in publishing technology, fabric documents for publishing have already been created. For example the Legion Quality Fabric Document it’s a matte-finished, water resistant inkjet fabric that sense of an oil painting and may catches the appearance. This Advanced Fabric document can also be created for publishing pictures that, when presented, may allow the shooter to share a classic charm often related to traditional pictures.

The Archival Inkjet Fabric having a natural pH is another document fabric type it’s suitable for both dye-centered and pigments. The substance specially-crafted to not become inflexible to mounting and extending while keeping longevity without ripping or breaking.

Envision your art or pictures as art work canvas images pictured in vibrant colors and excellent. By utilizing pigment-based inks – to ensure that the fabric prints quite a long time that was last . Additionally by placing an additional special safety within the fabric images – to ensure it generally does not get broken from splashes and scores. Edges break or won’t diminish.

Will I-say towards the performer aspect or embracing another side, all of US realize that many art work designers us fabric as their method to produce a spectacular artwork masterpiece. As description, Fabric is just a plain-weave material shaped from cotton for.

Nowadays, when fabric has turned into an universal phrase for large it’s comprised of firmly-woven material or referred to as cotton. Furthermore, fabric it is the title for that mesh material which needlepoint and embroidery are completed, and acts like a help for oil painting.

Nevertheless, canvas publishing isn’t just like canvas artwork; this is because they used fabric that is various. In fabric publishing, the fabric applied includes an unique open layer to simply accept the inks of the printer, that will be past in fabric artwork. Designers often utilize occasionally or little items bigger of fabric like a foundation due to their pieces of art. This fabric it is covered with gesso before it’s to become applied, and is extended across a wooden-frame named a traction.

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